6 Ways to Personalize a Corporate Invitation

Corporate events make us feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves and help build relationships with people who may become lifelong friends. The Handywrytten app has been carefully crafted to make creating invitations simple and fun. We’ve put out heart and soul into giving you the best experience. It even handles custom, handwritten signatures with ease!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to design and personalize invitations for your clients. Keep reading to find out how to create the perfect online invitation in minutes.

Build a Better Corporate Invitation

Spending time to craft business invitations can play a factor in long-term success for your business. It’s worth getting involved in the process early on. This helps make sure you can add those personal touches to each invitation and build your client retention.

Why Add Personalization?

Personalizing the invitation shows that you care about your clients and want them to know you appreciate each one. It also helps make invitations more memorable, which can be an important thing in corporate events where there are hundreds of people attending!

Why Handwrite an Invite?

Handwritten invitations are classic. Sometimes it’s the little things that make people feel special, and writing your invitation by hand is a way to show them you care about their time. Not only will your clients appreciate the extra effort, but your business event will also stand out from the many other invites they’ll receive.

Why Send Out Corporate Invites in Mail Over Email?

While an email invitation is easier and more cost-effective, it doesn’t make clients feel special. If you want clients to say yes, it’s best to send out a handwritten invite in the mail.

5 Ways to Personalize a Corporate Invitation

Depending on the time and effort you put in, you can create some genuinely unique invitations. Your clients will feel special, and you’ll have a great time designing the invitations. Here are a couple of ideas that are easy to do and have excellent results.

  1. Customize invitations with your client’s name
  2. Include a video to make them feel special
  3. Ask what you can do for them in the custom invitation
  4. Send both physical mail and email to express your interest
  5. Offer incentives that will get them excited about going
  6. Include a call to action on your invite and add a business card

In addition to these simple personalization tips, there’s extra steps you can take to make your invite stand out.

Conclude with Your Name

Handwriting a signature is one of the best ways to personalize an event invitation. When you sign your letter by hand, it shows that you took time out of your day specifically for your future attendee!

In the case of Handywrytten, signing each invitation has never been easier. We use sophisticated robots that copy actual handwriting and use real pens. You get to choose the handwriting style, card message, invitation design, and more.

Address the Client by Name

Using their name makes invitations feel more personal and like the client is receiving a custom invitation. This can be great if you know your clients by name, but it’s even better to use that knowledge of them to make an inviting email sound super personal!

woman handwriting envelopes

Design a Beautiful Corporate Invitation Online

We’ve come a long way from the clunky invitation designers that were around a decade ago. Now, there are so many design options, and you can make invitations for corporate events look exactly how you want them to! Here’s some design tips for your upcoming event.

Visual Elements to Include

Think about what your company from an outsider’s perspective. Do you have a bubbly, fun vibe? Or are your offices more serious and professional with muted colors and elegant designs?

What you include in the design of an custom invitation depends on this information! Consider including colors that reflect your brand’s logo and personality. This visual element will brand your invitation and the event‘s tone.

Take Time to Create the Right Design

Are you having trouble creating a invitation design? We’ve got you covered. You can choose from tons of premade designs that will fit your aesthetic perfectly. Or, if you prefer, you can design a greeting card from scratch using our card customizer. In minutes, you’ll have your card all ready with logos and any other design elements you’d like to include.

Send Corporate Invitations with Handwrytten

So you’ve got the perfect design for your card. Now what? Well, this is the simplest part. At Handwrytten, we aim to get orders done within one business day, and they’re all sent out via First Class postage. Generally, you can expect delivery in 2-5 days; saving time for RSVPs!

Bulk Options for Business

We like to cover all the bases. Bulk options are available for both pricing and handling of your contacts. You can provide your contact list via Microsoft Excel and import it straight into the site.

When it comes to bulk costs, the Handwrytten app offers a sliding scale of discounts from 1 invitation all the way to 1000 and more.

Personalize Your Corporate Invitation and Save Time

In this article, we’ve covered a few ways you can create personalized invitations online. We’ve also covered what should be included and given you some great resources.

Now that you know how much using online invitation designers can help, it’s time to automate the whole process with Handwrytten. When you’re ready to take your invitations to the next level, contact our team, and make sure to send them at the right time to be delivered on time.

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

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