8 Benefits of Sending Unexpected Thank-You Cards

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Thank-you cards are a great way to improve customer retention and customer loyalty. In fact, retention rates are 50% better when you send thank-you notes to your customers. 

If you’re wondering when to send thank-you cards and how to express gratitude to your customers and clients, we can help!

Keep reading this article to discover our top 8 benefits of sending unexpected thank-you cards.

8 Benefits of Sending Unexpected Thank-You Cards

1. Creates Meaningful Relationships

When should you send thank-you cards to your valued clients and customers? You can send unexpected thank-you cards whenever you want! One of the biggest benefits of sending handwritten notes to your business contacts is that it helps strengthen and create meaningful relationships with your clients. 

Because you are taking the time to write a note and reach out, you are showing your business relationships that you value them and are grateful to do business with them. Regardless of the features you include in your note, it will help you deepen your relationships!

2. Offers Support

Next, sending thank you cards is a great way to offer support to your business relationships. It acts as a foot in the door and shows your customers, clients, or partners that you are there for them!

By sending a thank you note, you put yourself at the top of their mind and they know they can turn to you for help! This is also great if you offer services as part of your business, as it is an easy way to offer those services.

3. Helps You Show and Feel Gratitude

Not only do thank you notes help others know that you are grateful, but it actually helps you feel happier and have more gratitude! When you write a thoughtful and genuine thank you note, your customers will feel like they truly matter to you!

By writing the things that you are truly grateful for, you will realize that you have more to be thankful for than you originally realized. 

4. Shows Respect

Another reason why handwritten thank you notes are great for business is that it shows respect. In business relationships, open communication and mutual respect are both important. 

If you do not feel respected by a company or business owner, you will likely stop doing business with them. By sending a handwritten note, it will show your customers that you respect their time and are grateful for your relationship.

5. Opens Personal Communication

In an age where digital communication is rising, having a way to personalize this can make a world of difference for your business. While it is much easier to send an email or a text to say thank you, a physical, handwritten note is much more personable. This method of client outreach can improve your relations and communication.

It also can improve your communication skills! Rather than sending a quick message, you want your thank-you card to be more thoughtful and meaningful. By thinking about what you want to say to your recipient, your communication skills will be enhanced, and a proper closing will simultaneously leave customers with a good feeling when thinking about your business. 

While it is much easier to send an email or a text to say thank you, a physical, handwritten note is much more personable.

6. Leaves a Lasting Impression

Handwritten thank-you cards are a great way to leave a lasting impression. Regardless of who you are writing the note to, having a physical reminder of your relationship can help them remember why they chose to work with you!

There are a few ways that you can make your thank you note more meaningful and impressionable. First, you want to be specific and sincere in your note. Tell them exactly what you are thanking them for and make sure you mean it!

Second, you want to be very personal when you are writing a note. Don’t make it too general, otherwise, it will look like you are sending the same note to each of your acquaintances. 

Finally, make sure you send your note in a timely manner. The sooner you send the note, the more solidified your impression will be. 

7. Sets You Apart

One huge benefit of writing handwritten thank you notes to your business relationships is that it can set you and your employees apart from your competitors. This is especially important for those relationships that are not completely formed. 

For example, if you are trying to get a new client or make a sale, they could easily find another company to work with. By setting yourself apart from your competitors and writing a thank you note, you will show potential clients and partners that you are invested in your relationship and will work to improve it. 

8. Shows Your Style and Brand

Finally, sending a personalized and custom thank you note is a great way to show off your style and brand. Whether you use a card with your business logo or if you make an effort to use your best handwriting, your business relationships will be able to have a glimpse of your business through your card

Even if you do not personally write your business note, a handwritten note still has an element of class that many people will recognize and appreciate!

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One of the best tips for business professionals is to show gratitude to your customers, clients, and other business relationships. Showing gratitude helps leave a lasting impression, deepens relationships, and more. If you are wondering when to send a thank you card, the answer is whenever you want! Making them unexpected helps people feel valued and respected. 

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