Send handwritten notes directly from the leading CRM platform

Easily Integrate Handwritten Notes into Your Workflow

Send notes the way you want

The plugin works the way you work.  Add a “Send Handwrytten Notes” button to Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts.

Add a dedicated “Handwrytten Notes” pane, or save notes to the “Activities” pane.

Now, recording your written correspondence is as easy as emails, meetings or calls.

Save time through thoughtful integration and robust features

Pull addresses directly from the contact record, or “roll-up” the address from the account.  The system is flexible to suit your needs.

Include merge fields for simple templating, reducing note composition time.

Add gift cards to orders with just a few clicks.

Bulk send notes

Leverage SFDC’s robust view creation tool to segment your list. Easily send notes in bulk to one or more members of a view.

Include merge fields to ensure each note is personal.

Send one note or five hundred in just a few minutes.


Download from the AppExchange and install in minutes.
Follow our setup instructions to get started.