How to Thank a Client for Their Business

Today’s business world involves a lot of automation and tools to help simplify the processes involved with acquiring and selling to customers. Businesses often use these tools to increase their marketing reach, extend their target audience, and increase revenue. However, building relationships throughout the prospecting and sales process is often more important than reaching a wide audience. Understanding how to thank a client for their business can put your company ahead of its competitors and help you achieve a more loyal and dedicated customer base.

The Importance of Saying Thank You

Good business practice includes expressing appreciation for both new and repeat customers. If your company isn’t currently expressing that appreciation, consider how you can implement this as part of your marketing and sales strategy. Too often, businesses are focused on making the next sale rather than communicating with the client involved in the sale that just closed. What’s interesting about this mentality is that it can cause a business to miss out on a significant portion of their revenue.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Retention Science, a company focused on retention marketing, 20% of a business’s customers are responsible for 80% of its future profits on average. By failing to focus on your current customers and express your gratitude for their business, you could be missing out on the potential profits they bring. Saying thank you is a polite gesture that is widely accepted and often expected in society, so it’s important to take that step to develop stronger relationships with your customers.

Even a simple thank-you email or video message can go a long way, but expressing your appreciation in more concrete, tangible ways can make each customer feel important and valued, thus encouraging them to continue to come back to you for your products or services. A meaningful gesture of appreciation may also stand out in a customer’s mind, leading them to tell their friends and family about it.

People are 92% more likely to listen to recommendations from people they trust when making a purchase.

Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the best things a business can get. Compared to traditional advertisements, people are 92% more likely to listen to recommendations from people they trust when making a purchase. Therefore, your decision to adopt a policy that thanks customers for their business could have a ripple effect across the entire company and increase your chances of success. By expressing your appreciation, you can plant the seeds of brand loyalty and show your customers that your business isn’t just a corporate machine — it’s a brand with people behind it who care about their clients.

Not saying thank you is a risk that most businesses simply can’t afford to take in today’s climate. According to a study performed by NewVoiceMedia, a lack of appreciation is the top reason customers switch to other companies when making purchases. Your customers could walk away to find a company that they feel appreciates them more, leaving you at square one when it comes to acquiring clients and reaching prospects. So, rather than taking that risk, take the time to thank your clients for their business.

Tips for Writing a Thank-You Note to a Client 

Now that you know why expressing your appreciation is so important, you can start considering how to implement a thank-you campaign in your own business. The goal is to thank your clients in a clear, concise way that conveys your appreciation without being overly wordy or pushing your brand message too heavily. Here are a few tips to help you put together the perfect thank you note.

Start Positive 

Your messaging should be positive and upbeat when expressing your gratitude. Consider using words like “valued” and “appreciated” to give a clear message. The most important aspect of any strong thank you note is the communication of your sincere appreciation for each individual customer. One way to do this is to greet each client with their name. This personalized touch can make a big difference, and it starts your message off on a positive note.

Consider the Medium

While many businesses choose to send their thank you message over email, a study from TD Banks showed that an overwhelming 84% of respondents prefer to be thanked with an in-person thank you. If this isn’t possible for your business, a handwritten card could go a long way.

For some companies, the thought of handwriting a card for every customer who makes a purchase feels overwhelming. In this case, consider a partnership with Handwrytten. We utilize innovative technology to produce personalized handwritten notes at scale, allowing business owners and marketers to focus on other aspects of their companies. With a handwritten thank-you note, your customers will feel appreciated while your time is preserved for other tasks.


The TD Banks study also reported that 44% of people want their thank-you message to be personalized and 60% want to receive it directly rather than receiving a mass message. In this case, you could include the specific product or service purchased as a way to personalize the message. If possible, consider tying in some helpful content, such as a tip for using the product. Handwrytten can personalize the notes as much as you request, and every note will help you build a stronger relationship while creating a positive brand association among your clients.

Look to the Future

When considering how to thank a customer, you may also want to think about how to finish the note and encourage them to come back in the future. For a customer who purchased something, you could include messaging that encourages them to reach out for support or assistance with the product or service. Some companies also provide a repeat customer discount code or another gift to encourage them to come back and shop again.

Expressing appreciation can have lasting positive effects on your business. Customers love feeling appreciated and are more willing to come back to a business that shows them that they care. With handwritten, meaningful notes, you can tell your customers just how much you value them. A partnership with Handwrytten can strengthen your customer appreciation strategy while providing personalized notes to your clients.

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