A New Handwrytten Web Experience is Coming

After over a year of development, we’re thrilled to announce the Beta release of the new Handwrytten web experience!  We hope the new design remains familiar to you all while adding great new features.

In addition to a faster, sharper and cleaner user interface, be on the lookout for these new features and improvements:

  1. Card Aisles
  2. Sign In with Apple
  3. Save to Favorites
  4. Easier Subscription Management
  5. Better Test Mode Alerting
  6. Bulk Spreadsheet Upload Error Monitoring
  7. New UPS Shipping Options

Card Aisles

The biggest difference to the user interface is the main card selection screen, is the organization of the cards. Now, by default, each card category is horizontally grouped. You can page through the cards by clicking the arrows next to each card aisle.

Simply click the category name on the left-hand side to view all cards in a single category at once.

Card Aisles

Sign In with Apple

We are proud to allow users to sign in with their Apple account, in addition to Facebook and Google.

Sign In with Apple

To Sign In With Apple, just click the black button at the bottom of the Sign In page. The experience should be no different than signing in with Facebook or Google.

Save to Favorites

Do you find yourself using the same cards over and over? Do you wish they were quick to locate? We got you!

Now, all cards have a “heart” in the upper left.  Click this heart to save to favorites. Click it again to remove it from favorites.

Handwrytten Favorites

Easier Subscription Management

Now, it is much easier to subscribe to Handwrytten. Simply click your name in the upper right, and click the “Subscribe and Save” button!

New Subscribe Prompt

Better Test Mode Alerting

Now, accounts in “Test Mode” will not be able to checkout. Additionally, a new Test Mode icon will appear next to your name when Test Mode is enabled.

Bulk Spreadsheet Upload Error Monitoring

Sometimes, mistakes happen. One of the most common mistakes is to accidentally have zip codes (either return addresses or recipient addresses) have incrementing ZIP codes. This happens if users “drag down” their zip codes in the Excel file.  We now look for this error and alert the user if we see it!

New UPS Shipping Options for Bulk Orders

When placing a bulk order, we now allow you to choose how you want the order sent. The most common way is for us to simply mail your order.  However, you can now also select a shipping method:

Shipping Method

Coming Soon to a Web Browser Near You

The new experience will go live in May. An email will go out to all users at that time to ensure everyone is aware of the new changes.

Be Among the First to Try It

Can’t wait to give the new Handwrytten web experience a test drive? Apply to the Beta Program and we’ll let you get early access. If you find any new bugs, we’ll reward you with some great swag!


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