Introducing Delivery Confirmations

Have you ever sent a handwritten note to a prospect or client and wanted to follow-up after they received it? Have you ever sent your loved one a card (and maybe included a gift card!) and wanted to make sure they checked their mailbox? Never fear; Handwrytten can now let you know when your mail gets delivered with our new Handwrytten Delivery Confirmations feature!

How to Add Delivery Confirmations

Handwrytten makes it easy to add delivery confirmations to any order. Simply click “Yes! Notify me!” from the dropdown before adding your order to the cart, as shown here:

Adding Delivery Confirmations

After choosing to add confirmations, the $1 fee will be added to your order.  When your card is delivered, you will receive an email letting you know your order has been delivered to your recipient’s mailbox. Additionally, for more granularity, you can look at your “past orders” page and see the current status of your order, such as “delivered to regional distribution center”.

It is just that easy!

No Change to the Envelope or Message

Handwrytten’s method to track delivery is 100% seamless and completely “invisible” to the end recipient. There are no additional barcodes, stickers, or different stamps. Mail featuring our confirmations looks like any other mail piece sent via the USPS (United States Postal Service) mail, meaning your handwritten cards will be delivered seamlessly.

USPS Delivery Confirmations for International Mail

USPS Delivery Confirmations only work through to delivery for domestic mail.  For international mail, we will notify you when your mail is accepted by the national postal service of the recipient. For example, if sending a handwritten note to France, we will notify you when the United States Postal Service hands off your mail to France.

Handwrytten API Integration for Delivery Notifications Coming Soon

Currently, you must log into to request delivery notifications. We will be adding delivery notifications to the public API soon.  This will extend to Zapier, and our other great integrations such as Shopify.


Please let us know what you think of the new Delivery Confirmations feature and if it’s useful for you. We appreciate your feedback and continued support.

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