Handwritten Mail For Your Political Campaign

Deliver a personal touch to your campaign strategy with handwritten political direct mail. Get real pen on paper notes delivered exactly where you need them. Handwrytten can help you turn skeptical citizens into committed voters. Thanks to our simple automation process, sending handwritten notes is as hassle-free as sending an email. Give your political direct mail strategy the boost it needs today!

Stand Out From Opponents

You’re not the only candidate sending political mailers out to voters. So how can you differentiate yourself from the opposition? Connect with voters by sending a handwritten note! A handwritten card stands out among a sea of printed political campaign mailers and is something a voter won’t soon forget.

For an enhanced personal touch, Handwrytten offers custom handwriting styles and signatures. Plus, our easy-to-use interface allows you to add images, logos, and graphics to your notes. So you can keep your political mailers consistent with campaign branding.

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Reach Target Areas

Political direct mail allows you to zone in on key locations that can provide the voter turnout you need. With Handwrytten, you can craft the exact message that will appear in mailboxes across the area. Whether it’s a competitive district or an area with untapped voter potential, Handwrytten can ensure that your cards make it to the areas that matter most.

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Statistics on Political Campaign Mailers

If you’re involved in a political campaign, you know how important accurate data is as you plan out a winning strategy. So get the facts on political mailers below!

Direct mail can persuade people to register to vote. A survey conducted by the United States Postal Service found that 68% of likely voters ranked direct mail as helpful in identifying voter registration deadlines.

Direct mail can break through the noise. Eighty percent of swing voters reported seeing political ads on television, while 52% noted never receiving political direct mail at their home, according to research from USPS.

It can help you build trust with specific groups of voters. A recent USPS study found that women trust political mail over television ads—43% of women and 53% of millennial women surveyed agreed that direct mail was more trustworthy than television (compared to 39% of men).

Young voters also respond to political direct mail. Political direct mail reaches more than just older populations. An impressive four out of five millennials consider political mailers influential in state and local elections.

Integration Makes Outreach Easy

Handwrytten integrates with many of the platforms already used by your team.

Outreach Packages

We can custom tailor a plan to your unique needs. Below are some of the more common plans used by our political clients.

Total Handwritten Cards

Price Per Card
(including postage)

Discount Provided

Total Investment


Total Handwritten Cards


Price Per Card
(including postage)


Discount Provided


Total Investment



Total Handwritten Cards


Price Per Card
(including postage)


Discount Provided


Total Investment


Written words
from our customers.

Handwrytten makes it easy to send business thank you cards. Using the web site, it just takes a few minutes to select a card, type a message and select a handwryting style. It all looks so natural, right down to the stamp.


It’s so quick and easy to send follow-ups right after a meeting. Using the app, it’s just a few clicks to send a card. The app integrates with my phone’s address book so re-typing addresses is kept to a minimum and you can save your favorite messages.


The Handwrytten app and sites are a great, convenient way to send handwritten cards easily. I love using the app to send gift cards. The handwriting looks 100% real! Other handwriting services simply don't compare.


Customer experience is so important. We use Handwrytten to improve the onboarding experience of our users. This increases retention and lifetime member value. We are thrilled to have found them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are political campaign mailers effective?

Campaign mailers are more than effective; they are essential. Reinforcing your digital ads with tangible, memorable mail gives you a chance to resonate with voters. Unlike an ad that pops up in the feed and is scrolled past the next moment, mail has more of a lasting impact.

How much does it cost to send political direct mail with Handwrytten?

Political mailing costs at Handwrytten start at $3.25 + postage. Are they sending out a large number of cards? Bulk discounts are available! Just click “Bulk Send” under any card to see lower rates.

How quickly do you write and mail orders?

There’s no snail mail here! Individual orders are written and mailed by the next business day. If you submit an order on Monday, it will go out no later than Tuesday. Orders submitted on Friday may ship on Saturday, but we guarantee Monday shipment.

I want the card as authentic as possible. Can it be in my handwriting?

Yes! While Handwrytten offers a range of authentic handwriting styles, some candidates prefer notes that appear in their handwriting. Fortunately, you can achieve this level of personalization without extensive time commitment.

Once Handwrytten obtains a sample of your handwriting, we get to work. Handwrytten can send hundreds or thousands of notes in your handwriting with ease, thanks to our powerful automation system.

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