How To Write Real Estate Letters to Potential Sellers in 2024

Last updated April 12, 2023

Real estate prospecting letters to potential sellers are a great way to generate leads. Here are some strategies you can use.

Do Real Estate Letters to Potential Sellers Really Work?

In today’s digital world, sending letters to clients through the mail may seem strange. In fact, in the real estate market, sales letters offer an effective marketing strategy  for real estate agents. It all comes down to trust, a core principle of effective real estate marketing.

As a real estate agent, you first must build relationships with potential clients. Only once you have established a relationship can you move to selling them a new home. Lead generation is nearly impossible before you develop trust. Prospective clients need to trust both your abilities and your character before they’ll trust you to take on the challenge of selling their home.

Trust is what makes personalized strategies much more effective. Those flyers you see plastered all over telephone polls tend to work only when a prospective seller is getting desperate. Most sellers respond better to a personal approach, and a real estate sales letter offers the perfect opportunity for authentic outreach.

The Importance of Personalization

All in all, a handwritten real estate prospecting letter sent to potential sellers really DOES work, but it all comes down to personalization. These letters are effective only when they feel like they’re written specifically with the recipient in mind. A personalized letter has the vibe of a conversation, while something impersonal can seem cold, contrived, and even like a sales tactic – think of someone handing you a business card just for the sake of it. The latter is the type of mail someone might toss directly into the recycling bin.

So, how can you catch the attention of a prospective seller? Write your prospecting letter by hand.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Busy real estate agents don’t even have time to personally write out hundreds of letters!” But consider this: Potential sellers are much more likely to even open the letter they receive if it’s written by hand. Seeing a handwritten address will catch the recipient’s attention. Then they’ll see that the letter itself is also handwritten, making it even more likely that they’ll sit down to read through the mail they’ve just received.

A handwritten message exudes warmth, demonstrating that you’re willing to go the extra mile for the people you work with. It shows you value a personal touch. And that’s something any uncertain home seller can appreciate.

Still, you’re not going to write tons of letters by hand on your own. That’s where Handwrytten comes in. Our technology lets you scale your handwritten outreach so you really can send handwritten prospecting letters to potential sellers, all in a handwriting style that captures your unique personality.

Handwrytten note to potential home seller

What to Include in Your Handwritten Letters

Your handwritten letters should include all the essential information about you and your business.

Begin by introducing yourself and the fact that you are a real estate agent. Explain why you believe the recipient will benefit from working with you—highlight your experience in the industry, any certifications or awards you have earned, and other credentials. And, of course, make sure to mention the name of your real estate company.

Be sure to describe the current real estate market in the area and discuss why now is a great time to sell. Include any upcoming events or opportunities related to sales, such as a short sale or even open house dates.

Finally, emphasize that you’re available for questions at any time if they have them and provide contact information.

A handwritten letter can be the difference between an unsuccessful real estate marketing strategy and closing a major deal. With Handwrytten, you’ll be able to scale your outreach efforts while still delivering a personalized message that will help you build relationships with potential sellers. Give it a try today!

Real Estate Letter Templates to Potential Sellers

Not sure what to say in your letter? You can use these templates for inspiration, tweaking them as needed to fit your specific situation.

Real Estate Prospecting Letter to Friends or Family

Especially when you’re just starting out, you can reach out to people you know to generate leads:

Dear Amanda,

How are you? How are Dave and the kids? I heard Alec made the varsity basketball team. What amazing news! 

I have some good news to share, too. I got my real estate license! I started working with [firm] and I’m really excited to dive into this work.

Give me a call if you’re ever thinking about selling your home. I’d love to have the chance to chat about what our office can do to help you. Likewise, if you have any friends in the market for a new place, please don’t hesitate to pass along my contact details. I included some business cards that you can feel free to share. 

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

Best wishes,


[Your Contact Details]

Letter to Potential Seller on Behalf of a Prospective Buyer for Real Estate

Having a buyer lined up can put you in a good position to generate interest:

Dear Mr. and Ms. Smith,

I’m delighted to meet you! I’m Jenn, a real estate agent working with [firm]. You live in a neighborhood I regularly represent. In fact, I have a buyer looking for a home around where your home is located right now.

The couple I’m working with has two kids, and the oldest is just about to go to middle school. They’d like to move in before the school year starts. Your home is in the school district they’d like their kids to attend, plus it has the three bedrooms they want and a variety of features I think they’ll really appreciate.

If you’ve thought about selling before, now is a great time to move forward. My buyer is prepared to move quickly. I’ve included my contact information below, so feel free to call or email to start the conversation. If you aren’t considering selling but know someone in a similar neighborhood or home that is, you can also feel free to share my information. I’d be happy to give you and your recommendation a free property analysis to say thanks!

I hope to connect with you soon.



[Your Contact Details]

Letter Template Sharing a Recent Sale

You can also use a recent successful sale to establish credibility and motivate potential sellers:

Dear Mr. and Ms. Smith,

I’m delighted to meet you! I’m Jenn, a real estate agent working with [firm]. I thought you might be interested to learn about a sale I made in your neighborhood about a month ago.

I represented a family looking for a home closer to the husband’s sister. The wife was offered a new job close to the family, and the possibility to have their kids grow up with their cousins right around the corner made them jump at the chance to make the move. I included the listing for you to check out.

They thought they’d get around $450,000 for their home, and would have been quite happy if they did. However, we were able to create a bidding war after getting some open houses set up. The result? The home sold for $535,000 in the end. As your neighbor’s home shows, it’s a great time for sellers.

If you’re thinking about selling, feel free to get in touch. I’d be happy to offer a free property analysis so you can find out how much you might get for your home if you put it on the market. There’s no time like right now, so let’s talk options!

I hope to connect with you soon.



[Your Contact Details]

Conclusion About Handwritten Real Estate Letters

These are just a few examples of prospecting letters.  Not sure what to write? You can always use our AI tool to write the letter for you!

When you make them personal, handwritten notes for real estate agents really do work. Use these tips to get started crafting yours. If you would like to automate the process, check out how Handwrytten can help real estate agents with their handwritten outreach – just make sure to keep in mind how long it takes for mail to arrive before sending.

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