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Sending birthday cards can be a hassle, whether by sending them online or through direct mail. That is where Handwrytten comes in.

Handwrytten is the online hub for sending an online birthday card or greeting card. You can design and schedule cards to be sent on each recipient‘s birthday, along with a special birthday reminder, so you never miss another birthday.

Keep reading to learn how to send birthday cards online and on time in minutes.

Never Miss Another Birthday

A greeting card can be a handwritten note or an ecard. However, you want to send whichever card you think will make the biggest impact on your friends, family, or clients.

Why Schedule Birthday Reminders?

You might think that it is easy to remember everyone’s birthday, but even those dates can slip through our fingers from time to time.

As we meet more and more people, it becomes more challenging to keep track of upcoming birthdays. It especially helps to have some reminders in advance so we can send birthday cards on time and have the time to customize cards for specific people. After all, the least we can do is help those people feel special by sending them a special card we designed with love.

These cards do not have to be complicated. Sometimes, sending someone a simple “Happy Birthday” message is all it takes to make an impactful birthday wish.

Who Should Utilize This Service?

Honestly, anyone who uses Handwrytten’s services should send cards online with our scheduling service. No matter how many people we want to send cards to, it always helps to have a birthday greeting reminder on hand.

Design and Schedule Cards to be Sent on Each Recipient‘s Birthday

Anyone can use the schedule card service on Handwrytten, so let us explain how it works.

You can create an online calendar in your Handwrytten account and it will remind you of upcoming birthdays or events in advance. Handwrytten works with every user’s schedule to mail cards whenever and however they like.

You can schedule your online calendar and design cards in the Handwrytten app. You can send one card now and then make a note for another personalized greeting to go out at a later time.

You do not need to make two separate orders for these two cards, though. Instead, you can choose which card goes to which recipient and when those cards will go into the mail for them all in the same order.

How to Schedule Cards to be Sent by Handwrytten

Like we said before, we do pretty much everything in the app. All it takes is a few simple phone screen taps.

Once you design your custom birthday card and write a message, the app will ask you for a Send Date. This is the date we will send your card through the mail. We try to send cards 3 to 4 days in advance so it arrives on their special day.

Next, you must choose your recipient from your contacts list. If you want to add a new contact, you can manually add their information, or copy the info straight from your phone address book.

handwritten birthday card with balloons

Design Services Available at Handwrytten

While we love helping clients design individual cards, we only offer full design services for prepaid bulk orders of at least 1,000 cards.

Both the client and Handwrytten will share responsibilities when designing and printing these cards.

The client must provide the graphics, logos, images, layout, color, font, and anything else that goes on the card. They must choose either a flat A7 (5 inches by 7 inches) or a folded A2 (4.25 inches by 5.5 inches).

Once Handwrytten has all this information, we will create a digital PDF for the client to approve before printing begins. The client is allowed one revision before printing.

How to Design a Custom Birthday Card Online

Handwrytten has plenty of custom templates and designs for you to choose from. If you do not see anything you like, you can upload your own text and images into a template on the app.

You must ensure your images have at least a 300 PPI resolution. Don’t worry about bleed, which is usually a quarter inch away from the card‘s edge. We will manually add bleed to each card created on the card customizer.

Send Birthday Cards Online or in the Handwrytten App

Luckily, the Handwrytten app is pretty intuitive. You can set it up the same way you would any other app on your iPhone or Android device.

You will first need to create an account with a username and password. After that, you will be free to set up a contact list and send cards online.

Create a Handwrytten Account

The main tools to create a Handwrytten account include a username and password, the same as any other online account you have. You will also need to provide your email address so Handwrytten can send you updates and promos for your orders.

Your account will only activate once you click on the activation email you receive. After that, you can look at all the designs and card types available for purchase.

Personalization Available at Handwrytten

You can order custom cards in bulk through the app, whether using your own designs or what Handwrytten offers. For example, you can schedule a handwritten farwell card, which we will send through snail mail. 

You can choose from several handwritten fonts when creating cards and even preview your message in different fonts. Once you have finished your card, you can choose to send a gift card with your message as a bonus.

Handwrytten also lets you design your own stationery, which the app saves in your profile. Once you run out, you can go back into the app and order more.  

The Handwrytten app will keep track of your contacts and online calendar, which will send you reminders of upcoming birthdays. No more forgetting employee birthdays or special occasions!

Choose from our cards design or your own.

Over 100 designs to choose from or design your own. Our online card customizer makes it simple.

Check Out Our Cards!

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