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Your relationships with your customers will define the long-term success of your business. To retain your customers effectively, you must make them feel important and valued. When your customers feel like they are part of a family, they will continue to buy your products or services and then spread the word to other people.

Birthday cards are one of the most affordable, cost-effective ways to make your customers feel special. Handwritten cards are also a unique strategy that many businesses are not using. It offers you a meaningful way to distinguish your company from its competitors.

Keep reading for the benefits of automated birthday cards for any business and how automation can transform your business.

The Value of Sending Birthday Cards to Customers

Apart from improving customer retention, there are several reasons why handwritten birthday cards are valuable to your business.

First, birthday cards will elevate brand reputation. If your business is known for sending out birthday messages to customers, it will make you seem more friendly. It will also communicate how your company values building long-term relationships with customers.

Secondly, birthday cards are also cost-effective. Making your customers feel important does not need to be a significant budget item. When you purchase automated birthday cards from Handwrytten, it will save you both time and money. It will also provide a positive ROI because of the customer retention and brand awareness created.

Third, handwritten birthday cards can also turn into an influencer marketing strategy. When customers receive a card from your business, they are more likely to share their experience on social media. You could also add a note on the card that rewards customers for sharing. In return for a social media post about your card, you can provide a discount or free product to the recipient.

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Offer Incentives to Customers on Their Birthdays

Businesses who want to keep their customers should offer an incentive on their birthday. It is one day out of 365, which is a special occasion for the person. Proving a discount, gift card, or voucher is something they can look forward to. 

It also ensures that the customer will spend their birthday with you. If the person has friends or family, this could be additional revenue for the business.

How Do Birthday Cards Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty?

A birthday is a meaningful day for anybody. You can stand out from your competitors by connecting with customers on their birthdays as a business. Doing so will make your customers feel important. When your customers feel valued, they are more likely to continue spending money at your place of business.

Birthday cards can also increase loyalty and retention because it is a recurring event. You can send out automated birthday cards on an annual frequency, which is a valuable marketing tool. Your brand can stay at the forefront of customers‘ minds by sending out automated birthday cards.

At the end of the day, long-term business success is about relationships where developing solid partnerships with customers, vendors, and employees are critical. You can define a long-term relationship with your customers through handwritten birthday cards. Your business does more than deliver products and services. It brings joy to the people who support your company and those who work at it (so you can even send your employees birthday cards).

Why Send a Handwritten Card over an Email?

As you send out birthday cards to customers, you may consider whether to do so via email or handwritten card. There are several reasons why a handwritten card will do a better job at strengthening relationships with customers.

First, a handwritten note is a personalized gesture that helps customers feel valued. In a digital world where everyone sends emails, you can get creative with a handwritten card. A handwritten birthday card will mean a lot more to someone because they receive way more emails than cards.

Secondly, a handwritten birthday card allows you to get creative with the stationary. An email may have a signature, but it is straightforward and standardized. You can add your logo or other unique designs involving your brand with an automated birthday card.

Next, your open rate with a handwritten card will be much higher than a digital email. People receive hundreds of emails per day, but they only receive a few pieces of physical mail. Not only will the recipient open the card, but they may also hang it up somewhere in their house. When the person has visitors, this is free publicity for your business.

Lastly, handwritten birthday cards will distinguish you from your competitors. Sometimes minor gestures can have the most impact. Most likely, a small percentage of companies consistently send handwritten thank you cards after seeing the results. Your business can deliver something unique, tangible, and personable for your customers at a low cost.

Send Automated Birthday Cards Online with Handwrytten

Manually sending mass birthday cards could be a hassle. Organizing the hundreds of birthdays, addresses, and names could be stressful. When you need to worry about doing this yourself, it will be challenging to remain consistent with it.

Fortunately, Handwrytten provides a comprehensive automated birthday card service. Not only can you send a personalized message and a “thank you” note, but you can deliver a meaningful birthday note. You can strike a balance between writing personalized messages and distributing them at scale. The team at Handwrytten utilizes advanced technology to send birthday cards seamlessly and within your budget.

Handwrytten also allows you to go above and beyond with your handwriting style. The automated birthday card solutions have an option for using your actual handwriting, which will make it much more authentic. There is also an option to distribute a writing sample for a mass list of customers.

Handwrytten also offers you the option to include a fun gift within the card. You can choose from a list of 20 various retailers to make sure your customers, business partners, employees, and vendors can know how much you care about them.

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