Handwritten Notes for Real Estate Agents

Handwrytten is a leading provider of handwritten notes for the real estate industry. Used by thousands of realtors and mortgage brokers, Handwrytten has a platform tailored for the unique demands of real estate.

Automate Your Mail

Handwrytten’s friendly web site, apps and automations make it simple to send notes individually or in bulk. Want to send a handwritten follow-up after a sale or a listing appointment?  You can do it in seconds through our platform and for much less than if you wrote the notes yourselves.

Each note can be fully customizable. Looking for custom stationery? You can easily design your own card (featuring your logo or photo) directly on our web site.

On the go, use our iPhone or Android apps to send notes.  Or integrate Handwrytten with Salesforce, Hubspot, LionDesk, SendOutBoss or more.

Handwrytten is the perfect way for you to stay in touch with your base of homebuyers and home sellers.

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Prospect With Notes that Get Noticed

In addition to outreach to your base, real estate agents can use our platform for prospecting.

Handwrytten’s incredible self-service platform allows you to target neighborhoods down to a .25 mile radius from any point on a map. You can limit to homeowners or renters, and better target based on household income, length of residency, home value and more.

Send your real estate prospects a custom handwritten card featuring a recent sale, or your photo. You can even include your business card with every note.

Handwrytten has partnered with a global leading data provider to make all of this possible. As an added bonus, we are providing this data to Handwrytten users absolutely free of charge.

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Stay In Touch, Automatically

Handwrytten’s birthday automation system is the perfect way for agents to stay automatically in touch with homebuyers and home sellers. Simply upload your address book, including your contact’s birthdays and “homiversaries”. We will automatically send your contacts a handwritten card two weeks before their special day. Adding these simply touchpoints has been proven to increase client retention significantly, leading to the next home sale!

Trusted by LabCoat Agents and Brokers Nationwide

LabCoat agents, the largest online group of REALTORs in the world, wholeheartedly endorses Handwrytten as their chosen handwriting platform.

Contact us to find out more, and learn how we help realtors up their game, get more listings, close more sales and build recurring growth into their business.


Integrate With Tools Loved by Real Estate Agents

Using Zapier, easily Handwrytten integrates with many of the platforms already used by your team.

Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

Handwrytten offers pricing in multiple ways. You can pay as you go, pre-pay for a bulk discount, or buy a subscription to lock in great discounts with credits that roll over. For all of the pricing details please visit our pricing page.

Total Handwritten Cards

Price Per Card

Discount Provided

Monthly Fee (including Postage)


Total Handwritten Cards

50 Cards Per Month

Price Per Card


Discount Provided


Monthly Fee (including Postage)

$189 Per Month


Total Handwritten Cards

250 Cards Per Month

Price Per Card


Discount Provided


Monthly Fee (including Postage)

$853 Per Month

All subscription credits assume $3.75 base card price and include domestic postage. If all credits are used, the same discount rate is applied to the additional orders. Unused credits roll over at the end of the month.

Written words
from our customers.

Handwrytten makes it easy to send business thank you cards. Using the web site, it just takes a few minutes to select a card, type a message and select a handwryting style. It all looks so natural, right down to the stamp.


It’s so quick and easy to send follow-ups right after a meeting. Using the app, it’s just a few clicks to send a card. The app integrates with my phone’s address book so re-typing addresses is kept to a minimum and you can save your favorite messages.


The Handwrytten app and sites are a great, convenient way to send handwritten cards easily. I love using the app to send gift cards. The handwriting looks 100% real! Other handwriting services simply don't compare.


Customer experience is so important. We use Handwrytten to improve the onboarding experience of our users. This increases retention and lifetime member value. We are thrilled to have found them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do you write and mail orders?

Individual orders are shipped the next business day. Tuesday orders would be shipped on Wednesday and so on. Friday orders may be shipped out on Saturday but are guaranteed on their way to you no later than Monday.

Do you have business pricing?

We do! Over 80% of our orders are for businesses. Contact us for more information or order a sample kit to get started.

Can the mail be in my own handwriting?

Of course! Though we offer a wide variety of handwriting samples, you’re more than welcome to submit your own handwriting to us. Once we receive your handwriting sample, we’ll get to work creating your personalized mail.

How much does it cost to send bulk mail?

Bulk orders start at $3.25 + postage. We offer plenty of bulk discounts so you can send out your nonprofit direct mail without breaking the bank. Simply hit “bulk send” on the letter you want and see the cost!

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